Wretched refuse

Oh, look, it’s another day and people are behaving badly again. Shocking.

This time it’s “patriots” spitting on and shouting at children who are seeking refuge in this country.

I have been paying pretty close attention and have tried to follow both sides, and I’m sorry but I can’t understand people with so much hate in their hearts that they think the sane and rational response is to surround busloads of children and scream at them. Pretty sure that is not the love thy neighbor vibe Jesus was talking about.

And, now, since it hasn’t devolved far enough into farce, here comes silly Sarah and her merry band that wants to impeach the president because of refugees. Although, in her defense, that makes as much sense as the usual “arrgle bargle” that falls out of her mouth. Coffers must be low, so she’s out peddling her particular brand of nonsense.

Her I can ignore; others not so much.

Let’s see if we can stop playing politics with these people’s lives. This crisis has been decades in the making. Aided and abetted by interference and intrusion by us for our own national interests and our failed war on drugs.

We created this problem and now it has come home to roost, literally.

I am glad to see states, including Massachusetts, step up and assist during this humanitarian crisis. The southern border states are bearing the brunt and the other states need to give as much aid as is necessary, not just according to our laws but also to our conscience.

While I am picking the bones clean here, I find it curious that the people complaining that we “don’t help our own” are the usually the same people who don’t want to take care of our own.

Honestly, talk about chutzpah!

I think the first time I heard it my head almost exploded from the hypocrisy. Really unbecoming. Of course, there is always a financial cost in a crisis such as this, and we should and must bear it, for if we do not then the cost to our collective conscience will be heavy and our nation’s standing in the world greatly diminished.

When this happens overseas, we demand that other counties act with compassion and treat refugees with respect and dignity. We should demand no less of ourselves.

Concurrent with this humanitarian crisis we need to address our immigration crisis as well. We need a national conversation free from posturing and empty, damaging rhetoric. The solution must be multi-faceted, since one-size-fits-all may be great for sloganeering but it is not so great for living in the real world. We will all have to give up the idea that what we want is all that matters. We have real issues that need solving, including what to do with the “Dreamers.” They are young adults now and this is the only home they have ever known. America is, and should remain, their home. They were raised as Americans and they identify as Americans; they are Americans in all but name. They must not be punished for the sins of their parents nor should they be sacrificed on the altar of politics. We also need to punish the companies that are fueling the demand for undocumented workers. There is a pipeline that needs to be cut off. Every other solution is just window dressing. We are, despite all of our petty infighting and posturing, still a beacon, a symbol of freedom and a better way of life. And we need to find a way to impart more balance into our immigration policies and live up to the words of Emma Lazarus: ”Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she with silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

We are the guardians of the door and we are failing miserably.

Originally published July 30, 2014 in The Old Colony Memorial and online at wickedlocal/plymouth on 7/31/14



Is where the future lives. It’s the land of grandiose dreams and unwished wishes. A wonderland stretched before us, tomorrow is filled with promise.

I imagine if tomorrow had a smell it would be of fresh laundry, dried in the summer sun and infused with just a touch of fairy dust.

But tomorrow, much like fortune, is fickle.

It has a dark side. Not all dreams are fulfilled. Not all wishes granted. Not all tomorrow’s realized.

Some prefer to live in yesterday where there is no mystery, and courage is not required.

Yesterday and tomorrow, the past and the future, mingle in today. Presenting us with wisdom and hope.

We have to supply the courage.

Today’s bonus writing challenge topic is courtesy of Cynthia Moore.


Gray and ominous, the sky in turmoil. Colors stand in stark relief. Plump and lethargic, a rain drop falls slowly from the sky. Splat, a universe forms and is quickly obliterated by the growing onslaught.

Anticipation builds as the air sharpens. Smell is heightened. Emboldened we seek the source as energy courses through our bodies, hair reacts; Cilia, seeking, sensing, bridging our present to our past. Reptilian, alerting us to danger.

The world shatters and we exhale into the comfort of our humanity.

Day 7 of my writing challenge. 30 minutes, 1 topic, publish the results. Today’s topic is courtesy of Pamela B. McCosh.


Peace exists unto itself. It is a state of being, of grace. The potential of peace lives in us all.

Our greatest strength and yet we allow it to be decried as an appalling weakness. Taunted and mocked, we ridicule the peacemaker.

Peace gains strength from our decisions. We must nourish it, individually, with our actions and thoughts. For just as we are the mechanism for its implementation, we are its greatest impediment.

For peace to thrive globally, it must not just live in our hearts it must live in our actions.

Writing Challenge Day 6. 30 minutes, 1 topic, publish the results. Today’s topic is courtesy of Di Phipps and Lora Bartlett.


Live in everyone, clichéd and trite, yet also true. Our hearts delight revealed therein.

The brave give chase. Dreams harnessed they ride them to fruition. Victory is in the pursuit.

The meek, the mild, the faint of heart, they question and pause. Opportunity and timing carefully examined. Progress halted by indecision. Dreams left to wither on the mind.

The choice is defined. The rest is up to you.

Writing Challenge Day 5. 30 minutes, 1 topic, publish the results. Today’s topic courtesy of Vicki Harrington.


Yellow and white, the colors of sunshine and happiness, wrap themselves around the behemoth that lumbers relentlessly, belching exhaust and creating waves of traffic in its wake. Its journey predestined and its pace uneven. The sunny appearance stands in stark disagreement to its utilitarian function.

Reality intrudes as riders elbow and push into remaining spaces simultaneously standing their ground and yielding gently. The bus full, it lurches forward and the passengers react, trapped somewhere between a ballet and a battle which, as always, is dependent on the mood and aggression of the driver and the temperament of the riders.

Hope exists, witness those who’ve scored a seat.

Day 4 of my writing challenge. 30 minutes, 1 topic, publish the results. Today’s topic is courtesy of my husband.


Light fades slowly as it struggles against the encroaching darkness. The warm air cools as it wraps around bare shoulders. Swaths of pink and orange color the sky, mingling with the fading blue. A burst of color before the day gives way to night and we are surrounded by shadows as they greedily consume the last light of a summer day.

Today is Day 3 of my writing challenge. 30 minutes, 1 topic, post the results.