Barbara Mulvey-Welsh · Poetry

Re-Imagined Life

My heart weeps for the freaks, the unloved, the rejected Who stammer and shudder, Stutter Erupting in misery Longing for acceptance as they deflect normalcy Craving acceptance in a tribe they’ve collected. Seeking a foothold in a hostile society That devalues uniqueness As it simultaneously reviles and reveres a monotonous sameness Vanilla sky laced with… Continue reading Re-Imagined Life

Barbara Mulvey-Welsh · Poetry


I was born a warrior princess Without a homeland, I wandered searching aimlessly for others out there just like me Displaced in space and time I spent lifetimes On wine soaked shores Yelling into the wind Incoherent Suffering modernity with a Druids heart I yearn for a place to belong No longer roaming the plains… Continue reading Origins

Barbara Mulvey-Welsh · Poetry · Politics

social media patriots

We all sit In our individual trees Social media glam monkees Flinging thoughts across the galaxy Never really caring if we are right or not Contributing to the daily rot The incivility of public life Demanding respect but giving middle fingers back Trump is the messiah  We have wrought May the founding fathers have mercy… Continue reading social media patriots