Blogs, Blogging and Measurability

I started blogging because of peer pressure (Wendy) and while it’s been fun embellishing childhood stories, sharing the funny that the kids bring, and finding my voice (whatever that means) I don’t really know what I expect to achieve by blogging.
I’ve been to enough meetings and seminars to know that whenever you start a new project you should have clearly defined goals, some idea on how to achieve those goals, and a metric for measuring success. I have none of these things. I’m not really a planner. I prefer just jumping in and seeing what happens. I’ll eventually run out of childhood memories, and the kids aren’t as funny as they used to be. So what happens then?
I’m restless. My mind is not fully engaged. The kids are growing quickly. Dylan is almost 15 and Emma becomes a teenager next summer. They’re already making summer plans. Dylan plans on playing lacrosse non-stop after what will be 9 months of inactivity due to injury and Emma starts auditioning in January for summer dance programs that will take her away most of the summer.  Where does that leave me?
What’s next for me? I’m not sure. Whatever it is, it certainly won’t be dull. Maybe I’ll start painting again. Maybe sculpting. Perhaps I’ll write a book about a little blond girl growing up in absolute and utter chaos; or about a boy with glass knees; or a girl who found her voice; or maybe it will be a love story. I can’t promise earth-shattering revelations but I can promise a laugh or two.
Stay tuned…

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