Well, she’s kind of bitchy and cranky…

As I was leaving the high school parking lot after picking Dylan up, the Obery Street crossing guard was getting pretty fiesty blowing her whistle and gesturing impatiently at a driver. No, not me. I remark that she seemed a little tense. At that point, my oh so mature and worldly 14 year old says to me, “She must be on her period.”
Yup, on her period. Seriously. That’s what he said.
Really, I say. Why do you think that? “Well” he replies, “she’s kind of bitchy and cranky.” “Isn’t that what happens?”
Surpressing the urge to get bitchy and cranky on him since I am not currently “on” my period, I instead seize the opportunity as a teaching moment. What, I try to be a good parent. I ask him several questions. Could anything else be making her bitchy and cranky? Maybe she has children at home that don’t like to do homework or clean up messes they make.  You know, like the kids that live at our house.
Can you, I ask, only be bitchy and cranky when you’re on your period? Followed closely with why then do men get bitchy and cranky? At this point he’s rolling his eyes and wishing I would just shut it already but no, not me. I have a point and I’m going to make it. Dammit!
Not sure what I accomplished this afternoon but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do women any favors. Although I pretty sure he now knows that you do not need to be on your period to be bitchy and cranky!
Or even a little crazy!

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