And my American Idol is….

Jennifer Lopez!
I have surprised myself with how big my girl-crush on JLo has become. Seriously, I could watch a whole hour of Ms. Lopez smiling and saying nice things to people. I’m not kidding. I’ve watched stupider shows.
I’m in awe of how she is able to extract the essence from a less-than-stellar performance, examine it, and hand it back with a recommendation. And she does this in a way that builds up rather than tears down. Masterful.
Case in point. Naima. Last night was a hot-buttered mess! Don’t even argue with me, it was. I love her; she’s my favorite girl in the game right now. But last night was just no. Not good. What did JLo say to Miss Hot-Buttered Mess? I’m paraphrasing here “It’s really hard to have control when you’re jumping around on the stage and singing isn’t it? That takes work.” Not calling her out in a way designed to embarrass her. No. She was empathizing with her about a shared experience: the difficulty of performing.
In that moment, she gave her several things: her intact dignity, constructive criticism, and a plan to improve.
More of this please, Idol.

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