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Let me tell you about a man. Not a perfect man. Not even close. But a good man. An honest man. A man that was able to look beyond the nonsense and see potential. Potential in the troublemaker; in the borderline student; in the restless; and the outcast. A man that sees potential in the future. In the faces and hearts of young men.

A man that with patience, and understanding, and humor built self-esteem one block at a time. A man that motivates young men to look into themselves and want to be better. Better athletes, better students, better men.
There are no perfect people in the world but some – the lucky ones – have a rare and special talent and they get the opportunity to use it. Not only use it but perfect it and make the world a better place.
Pat has that. You can see it when he’s on the field. Or in a group of his players. Pat’s a coach. Not a “live through the kids” coach. A real coach. One who understands that the sport, in his case lacrosse, is used to benefit the players. Not his desire. Not his ego. Not his agenda.
Pat got shafted – hard! By anonymous. It’s a shame that selfish, small-minded people will never understand doing something for the simple joy of doing it. To be a positive influence in the world. To affect change at the human level and doing it with dignity and respect and love.
I’m not done on this topic; not by a long shot. I will find anonymous. I have a pretty good idea but thinking and knowing are different and since I have morals and a code of ethics that informs my life, I won’t say. They know who they are.
They harmed a good and decent man and his family. My family. And that is unforgivable.
More important than that (yes, more important than my family) they harmed other people’s children. Boys – young men – that had a positive, amazing man in their lives and now they don’t.
Shame on them.

5 thoughts on “Coach

  1. such an unfortunate situation!! I hate cowards & scumbags!!! They don't have the balls to be upfront, so they manipulate the system to work for them & against the ppl who are making positive changes!! ugh…..I wish I could help in any way possible!!

  2. I'm so sorry, and my apology won't make it better. I go to school with Dylan and its upsetting that someone would do something like that and bring Dylan into is as well. Dylan was talking about a petition, I would be glad to sign it.

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