Family Dinner

I love family dinners.

Pat and I decided early on that we would try to have as many dinners together as a family as possible. Even if that means sitting around on a Friday night watching a movie and having pizza. It’s the time together that counts.

Dinner with the four of us gets more and more difficult to manage as they get older and their interests expand. We all got to sit down the other night. At the table no less! My dining room table is my most prized possession. It’s a thing of beauty and simplicity. Seven feet long. That’s right seven. Without a leaf. It was handmade in England from reclaimed barnwood. It’s almost an inch thick. Solid wood. Not veneer. Not laminate. Solid wood planks. From English barns.

I’m a crazy person when it comes to my table. You will use a coaster or your beverage will be removed from the table. I issue one warning. If I’m expecting more than a couple of people, I’ll break out the table pad and cloth. Mostly so I don’t spend the entire visit planning on how I will kill the person that harms my table.

Digressing as usual so, back to dinner! It was right after the raid that killed Bin Laden and we, like most homes in the entire known universe, we were discussing it. Mostly, we were laughing about it. Laughing about pictures that were making the rounds on Facebook. My favorite: the one with the floating sandal. Remember, we laugh at everyone and everything. So zip it, internet-freaks, I’m not interested in your opinion on how I raise my babies.

My view, he’s dead. I’m glad he’s dead. I would have been glad had it happened under President Bush. But it didn’t. Man in the Oval gets the credit and the blame. That’s the way it works. At least in my world. So, John Yoo – shut your pie hole; Condi Rice – you too. If President Obama owns all the bad carried over, he owns this too. Can’t have it both ways.

We have 3 more years of family dinners before Dylan graduates from high school. That’s also 3 years before he has to register for Selective Service. Today, for the first time, I have hope that we can put a serious dent in the War on Terror. Like everything, only time will tell if I’m right.

For the time being, I’m content to keep my rose-colored glasses firmly in place.

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