Merry Freaking Christmas

Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ. ~ Bart Simpson

Ok. I have taken a deep breath; I have counted to ten; I have counted backwards from 10; I have bit my lip; I have walked away. None of it is helping. I was just going to walk away from it this year and not engage but I tried. I failed. So here goes nothing…

Did a memo go out warning people that they would be stoned if they uttered the words “Merry Christmas” this year? I only ask because I’ve seen more pictures and status updates and news items on how people are making a stand and saying “Merry Christmas”. The hostility in some of them is barely repressed let me tell you. Did the memo go out that clearly said that everyone has to say “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas? Who sent that memo? Because, I didn’t get it and, well, I’m kinda pissed since now I don’t know what to say or how to act this holiday season.

Can someone, anyone, please tell me who told them they can’t say “Merry Christmas”. Please, it’s really making me bug-fuck crazy. And please, please, do not tell me it’s because of the jacked-up nonsense that Bill O’Reilly and Fox News are spouting about a “War on Christmas”. Really, please don’t. It’s not true.

Christmas is not under attack.

Christianity is not under attack.

Are Christians not free to practice their religion? Are Christians not free to go to the house of worship of their choosing and worship their god in their way? Of course not because that would be un-American! Here in America, you can practice any religion you like or none at all. You can try a different one every week if you choose. There is nothing stopping you from pursing your religion your way. In private. As a private citizen. We have no state sponsored religion in America. Remember?

We are not a Christian nation! Sorry kids it’s true. I don’t care about the recent surge to modify history to prove otherwise. We are not, nor have we ever been, a Christian nation! I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: This nation was not founded for Jesus or the spreading of his gospel. It was founded on the premise that men are able to self-govern.

Can someone, in a reasonable manner, with appropriate documentation show me where Christianity is being attacked. I’m pretty plugged in and I don’t see it at all. Is it because we can’t have a crèche in the town square? Or pray in schools? Or the ten commandments in the courthouse? Are Christians being fed to the lions again? Honestly. What’s the issue?

I have an idea if you don’t like the “holiday” trees or the “holiday” decorations that cities and towns expend time and energy on, let’s stop doing them. All of them. Christmas, as we are so often reminded, is a religious day and as such has no business being promoted or endorsed in any government building. No religious holiday does.

We have real problems that face us. Let’s not get distracted by the bogus ones.

Enjoy your families and your traditions. If you want Christ in Christmas that’s your right. For me and mine, we’re content with the Fat Man.

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