…and rain will make the flowers grow  ~ Eponine, “A Little Fall of Rain”

summer rain

I love the smell of rain.

Especially summer rain.

It makes the world smell clean.


Full of promise.

It’s the essence of love; the thrill of the first kiss. The hand on your hip as he leans in, gently, to taste your lips. It’s you, arching your back and holding your breath. Knowing its coming. Nervous and anxious and excited. Passion.

It’s the feeling you get when you meet the love of your life. It’s the look in his eyes when you say yes. It’s the overwhelming joy in your heart when you say “I Do.” Love.

It’s the first flutter of your growing baby. Not quite sure what you’re feeling. Was it? Could it be? Then again; and you’re sure. Hope.

It’s the swelling of your heart when you finally meet your child. The overwhelming love and the sheer terror of caring for another living being. Responsibility.

It’s in the sunrise.

It’s in the storm clouds.

It’s in the rain.

It’s in us all.

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