A South African Adventure

UPDATE: $500. raised so far!! That’s 10% of the goal in one day! Thank you. Please keep sharing!

Emma and four classmates have been invited to attend the Cape Academy of Performing Arts in Cape Town, South Africa. None of these dancers come from families that have any significant amount of money. In fact, some of them have no hope of attending without the intervention and assistance of others.

The approximate cost per student to attend is $3,000. gofundme10%

It was not in our budget to send Emma to a summer program this year. We had told her that she could attend a local program but we couldn’t afford to send her away this year without a scholarship. Unfortunately for her, she was injured for the majority of audition season and could not audition for many of the summer programs. She was accepted to one but not awarded any scholarship money so would not be able to attend.

Then this opportunity was presented to her. It came together very quickly and Pat and I discussed it and we decided to do everything we could to be able to have her attend this incredible experience. As I thought more about it, I realized that I have a network of amazing friends and family that have followed Emma’s dance journey through my Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, and “Are You Kidding Me?” stories so I thought I would include more of the dancers in the fund-raising event since they are equally as deserving as Emma.

If you can help with a donation, thank you. If you cannot help with a donation please pass this post on, thank you.