Living history


Whatever opposition you have to someone having equal – that means the same – rights as you, you need to build a bridge and get over it. I don’t care if it’s against the teachings of your religion or you hate people who wear purple pants, as neither of those things has any bearing whatsoever on the rights of another person.

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And Start Again – by Gerard Murphy


Photo by Gerard Murphy


Photo by Gerard Murphy

We had some snow today

Not a lot but enough

To cover the lawn

And coat the branches

Of the trees

* * *

When I went out

The sun was bright

Lending a beautiful iridescence

To the landscape

I brought a camera

And tried to capture

A few moments of that beauty

Before it melted

* * *

Snow covers everything

And lends its beauty

And as it melts

Uncovers the leaves

That weren’t raked last fall

* * *

So we’ll rake them

In the spring

When the sun

Is growing strong

And we are inspired

To clean up autumn’s leaves

And start again