An ode to Pat: Part 1

I remember yesterday and love at first fight
You, so arrogant and cocky
I hated your stupid face
So much that
If I knew that you were coming
I would take some extra care
Hair and makeup; skirts pulled up just so
All because you aggravated me
Not much has changed
Still, though
Can’t imagine a life you don’t inhabit
Even when you sing falsetto


I hate the days I wake disconnected

Unplugged and numb

Back to being an observer of the human condition
Rather than an active participant

My inner eye blinded to the beauty of the world; I hate the harshness of the sun’s light

Every scrape and sound an assault upon my ears; the music of my life
Nothing but a harsh melody fueling my melancholy

I cower in the corner of my mind and hope I have the energy to find my way back to the beauty of the world

Future (im)Perfect

Amid the squalor of my broken heart
I found the me I’ve been searching for
Perched upon a concrete wall
Wondering what took so long

Bored I look upon myself
I shrug and leap, landing lightly on my feet
With swaying hips, I walk away

Hurrying, I catch myself
Curious to find the path I’ll take
Pausing at the edge of a cliff
I leap headlong into the abyss

Shrieks of joy escape my lips
As I free-fall into my future