Droopy and weary I am evicted from my nest
warm and feathery, soft

I sigh, goodbye
​as it resumes it’s slumbering solitude

I leave with animosity
​Begrudging every moment we are forced to be apart

That I’m forced to don my mask of humanity
​and slip unnoticed through the crowd

Darting and weaving I navigate the swarm of conformity

I am them
They are me

Thinking, therefore being
​I live an internal existence at odds with my outward demeanor

Living proof that you should never judge a book by its cover

I shudder at the crush of souls
​the human cacophony overwhelms my sanity

Tethered lightly by a frayed string
​the knot slips perilously

Straining against the onslaught of my demons

Longing for my feathered nest
​uncoupled from the world, I rest

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