Sadness coils low and deep
Painting my soul in gray muted misery
Tension builds and I can’t breathe
I long for your touch and gentle smile
Heartache frays the edges of my reason as
Seasons pass in a muted blur of sound and color
Plucking at the raw and open nerve that is me, missing you
A wintertime of discord lives at my core
Hard and frigid and unrelenting
Thawing only when we are together and
Cocooned against the harshness of a world that
Cares nothing for softness or grace
The never-ending rat race of consumption and greed
While the poor gentle souls get plucked like weeds and
Pummeled on the rough seas, clinging to rafts made from
Equal parts of honesty and misery then watch as their
Hearts and souls are tattered and battered, bartered to the
Highest, heartless bidder and ground down to a dust
Pink and fine that rides a fetid wind of intolerance and hatred yet
Scatters the seeds of our hopes and dreams

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