Contest Submittal

I’m submitting 3 columns from 2014 to the “National Society of Newspaper Columnists” 2015 Column Contest.

Between Pat, the kids, and I we have narrowed it down to six with two definite entries. I need help picking the third.

The two definitive choices can be found here (these are pdf files):

ARE YOU KIDDING ME_ Have it your way – Gate House

ARE YOU KIDDING ME_ One last gift – Gate House

The last selection will be from the column that gets the most votes:

1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME_ Been here, done this – Gate House

2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME_ Fact check – Gate House

3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME_ Future tense – Gate House

4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME_ New beginnings – Gate House

In the comments please let me know which you think is the best!


2 thoughts on “Contest Submittal

  1. Tough one. I like Been here, done this or New Beginnings. High five on the fact checking one, too. That peeves me to no end!

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