Original sin

Original sin

Knowledge and sex are our original sins
Placed on us by man’s whim

Some praise God and
Some praise Allah

I praise the one who makes me holla

Wisdom and knowledge
Are forbidden fruits
Heaped on us by men in silly suits

I don’t believe in your heaven
I don’t believe in your hell
So have a seat and shut up for a spell

My body is mine
I wield it as I wish

You have no right to control my choice
You have no authority to silence my voice

The history of mankind is written
On the backs of subjugated women



I wander through the forest of insanity
adrift in a sea of humanity
searching for a chance at normalcy
trapped in the minefield of inanity

I grasp at the sand as it trickles through my hand
wondering why I can’t manage to be anything correctly
silently I weep as I stand over an abyss
filled with the consequences of choices delayed
the price I pay to get up every day

Drowning in an ocean of tears
powered by the fears
that seep from the cesspool
in the pit of my being

My psyche wipes the dirt from her knees
as she struggles to stand
a hand to her back she slowly straightens
bracing for the punch she knows is coming
the universe raining down cosmic misery
yet she remains unbowed

Defiantly she stares
hip cocked; and
head turned just so
hands loose and fingers flexing
waiting to defend against the onslaught


Sorrow sits beside me, and she laces her hand with mine
I know you, I say to sorrow; I wish you would let me be
I’ve had enough of your company

Companions we are, sorrow reveals, entwined eternally
Leaning close she whispers tenderly
I exist between the beats of your heart

I shall not abide, I say to sorrow, to suffer anymore
Never shall we part, sorrow says to me
For your memories call me to you

Devotion draws me here sweet child, sorrow says to me
I am the remnants of laughter and joy
A life well-lived, one sustained by love and light
Is what draws me to you

Love, sorrow says to me, transforms the world
When love is severed, it calls to me; and
I am reborn

Mother, the creator 

I look into their faces and I’m surprised to see whole universes looking back at me

I see the past and present and every now and then a glimpse of their future 

These are universes I created. I grew and nurtured and set on their course 

Letting go is hard but a universe cannot expand when tethered to another’s hand 

No matter how gentle and loving


I sit on the shore; as
Twilight slowly wraps itself around the day; and
The rhythm of the surf and the smell of salt linger

A breeze brushes past; as
It hurries along the shore intent on its journey; and
Rushes away before night falls

Laughter echoes off the rocks; as
Crabs scurry to their nightly rest; and
Fireflies wink into existence

Waters darken; as
The sun relinquishes the sky; and
Allows the moon its radiance, unabated

Sand collects in the crevices of my soul; as
Summer calls to me; and
I am at peace