I wander through the forest of insanity
adrift in a sea of humanity
searching for a chance at normalcy
trapped in the minefield of inanity

I grasp at the sand as it trickles through my hand
wondering why I can’t manage to be anything correctly
silently I weep as I stand over an abyss
filled with the consequences of choices delayed
the price I pay to get up every day

Drowning in an ocean of tears
powered by the fears
that seep from the cesspool
in the pit of my being

My psyche wipes the dirt from her knees
as she struggles to stand
a hand to her back she slowly straightens
bracing for the punch she knows is coming
the universe raining down cosmic misery
yet she remains unbowed

Defiantly she stares
hip cocked; and
head turned just so
hands loose and fingers flexing
waiting to defend against the onslaught

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