Vignettes from childhood

I remember when Wonder Bread had holes and we would
eat it smeared with fluff and peanut butter and
days playing in the dirt and running through the back alleys
and scaling hills we thought were mountains

I can still hear the scrape of small wooden spoons
as we eat rainbow Italian ice sitting on the stairs
hands and faces sticky in the mid-afternoon sun

I remember lying in the back of the station wagon
thinking that an upside down world would be fun
swimming through the sky and burrowing into the clouds
that would taste like cotton candy, sticky and ethereal

I remember summer days steeped in heat and humidity
kiddie pools with built-in slides, hydrants turned to water spouts
sitting on curbs with feet braced against the onslaught of the racing water

I remember half-ball games and manhole covers doubling as second base
Games of Red Rover and fields of clover someone named Daisy
An older boy jumping into storm drains to retrieve the ball because none of us were clever enough to remember to block it

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