We ran the streets in a wonderland called youth daring life to knock us back.

Laughing and taunting despair and heartache and thinking we were slick when the bullet missed the target.

Never realizing the universe was playing the long game and no one gets out of life without first dying. 


i knew you
before we met
you lived inside me
a gaping hole that
could never be filled
i know, i tried
until we met and
melded into the
chaotic mess
called we
you and me
love eternally

mourning mist

We laid you to rest
under steel gray skies
the sun refusing to shine

A mist
fine and damp
coated the
world and amplified
our mourning cries

Winds whipping
trees bent under
the onslaught
of harsh autumn winds

As if Nature herself
mourned you and
was determined in her grief
to punish the survivors

that had been left behind
in the world cold and barren
without your light
learn to live
in the darkness