Man made

A guy once told me that he couldn’t date me because I would become his obsession. I would consume him. His sense of self and worth. That I was too much druidess and not enough normal. That my mouth was temptation and he lacked willpower. Your eyes are liquid pools he said. I snorted in my beer as he ran his hand thru my aquanetted hair. He made it sound like his failings were my fault.

He made me believe it too. 

My Jade Plant has Died

It died from the wrong kind of care
the kind that inflicted too much pain
that made life intolerable

It sits
wilted and judgmental
in a white ceramic tray
set on a jaunty angle at
the far end of my dresser so
it can bask in the afternoon sun
that it no longer feels

My Jade Plant has died

The birth of possibilities 

I climb inside my mind
to hide, to run
from all the lights

Bright and blinding
So confining

I relish solitude

The peaceful rantings of my
unmade mind

Subtle and confounding
They surround me with gossamer nets of happier times

I am me

Out of mind I cease to be

I am assaulted by the world

So I retreat

Craving the womb
at the center of my mind
where my ideas live or die

and I reside
a god inside
my mind
a joy ride
of infiite