Re-Imagined Life

My heart weeps for the freaks,
the unloved, the rejected

Who stammer and shudder,
Erupting in misery
Longing for acceptance as they deflect normalcy
Craving acceptance in a tribe they’ve collected.

Seeking a foothold in a hostile society
That devalues uniqueness
As it simultaneously reviles and reveres
a monotonous sameness

Vanilla sky laced with white fluffy clouds
Blown away by the onslaught of the coming storm.
Thunder and lightning stomp the yard
Crashing and cursing they come together
Drenched in their passion
We dance in the storm of their aggression

Free and fleeting
Alone and together

Misery loves company
Come it beckons
I will be your guide to the 11th circle of hell
We call it life

Ain’t that swell.

Peace and joy and understanding
But only for those that don the masks of
Respectability and conformity

Weep not for me
I see the freaks
They see me

I am they
They are me
Together we create the world’s harmony

Bitter, bluster, the world gets rougher
Gritty and desperate we congregate


I was born a warrior princess

Without a homeland, I wandered
for others out there just like me

Displaced in space and time
I spent lifetimes
On wine soaked shores
Yelling into the wind

Suffering modernity with a Druids heart
I yearn for a place to belong
No longer roaming the plains of my mind

Always working
to belong

My song a single lone scream into the darkness
Followed by eternal silence

summer’s haze

every now and then i smell a memory
bubble gum and summer sun
the feel of our hips touching
as we lay
side by side
in the warm grass
fingers entwined
sweat beading lightly along my spine
laughing and drinking and
doing so much more than thinking
our youth a shield to
real life worries
it seems so long ago
those sunny days
that passed into longing and sepia-tones
painted with nostalgia born of age
i long to sit in summer’s haze

tender lies

the pad of your thumb
and dry

it caresses my cheek
catches the edge
of my bottom lip 
softly you run the roughness
along its tenderness

I wait for your excuse

you lean in


a mixture of 

your kiss
the corner of my mouth
as I turn away 

I smell her in your hair
I hear her in your lies
I see her in your eyes

social media patriots

We all sit
In our individual trees
Social media glam monkees

Flinging thoughts across the galaxy
Never really caring if we are right or not
Contributing to the daily rot

The incivility of public life
Demanding respect but giving middle fingers back

Trump is the messiah 
We have wrought

May the founding fathers have mercy on America’s eternal soul