Power of Choice

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ~ J.K. Rowling

I’m a whore. Not only am I a whore, I CHOOSE to be a whore, a big nasty whore. I’m not the only whore in the neighborhood either, not by a long shot. All my sisters are whores. My friends are whores too! I’ll even go so far as to say that several of my nieces are whores. Some may even be waiting for the day when they too can take their rightful place as whores. Hey, maybe they can start a club: The Whorelets or Future Whores of America. I like that one, it sounds so patriotic.

Know what else? I like it.

Some of you may be wondering what has prompted me to embrace my whorish nature. Well, I really did not know I was a whore but apparently I’ve been a whore since way back in the day.

According to media-whore and blowhard Rush Limbaugh, any woman that chooses contraception is a whore since contraception allows you to let your freak flag fly. Damn, had I only known before. Do you realize how much random sex I missed having? Do you realize how many potential partners I passed on? Damn it all to hell! Why do I find out the good stuff too late!!!

Specifically, I’m talking about the filthy lies that Rush and others on the right (I’m looking at you Ray Romano’s TV wife) are using to smear smart, driven, law student Sandra Fluke whose only “crime” was to try to testify in that farce on “religious freedom” that Darrell Issa recently held.

Let me explain in simple terms what is going on here and it certainly ain’t impinging on anyone’s “religious freedom”. Continue reading

I Am A Liberal – Part the Second

This is the second in a series. To read the first, click here

The Nanny-State

That’s what they call us. They say we want to intervene in peoples’ lives. Tell them how to live. What to eat. When to exercise. Blah. Blah. Blah.
You know what. It’s true. I do. My secret, all-consuming passion is to make sure that everyone has access to healthy, natural food. I want urban and rural recreation areas that are safe and well-maintained. I want pregnant women to have access to adequate pre- and post-natal care. I want children to have access to early education programs no matter their socio-economic background. I want to teach the world to learn so they can buy themselves a Coke!
These, to me, seem like reasonable and appropriate uses of public funds. You know taxes. Remember, I LOVE them. Sometimes I don’t think we pay enough to be truly effective. That’s right; I said it and you can quote me on that.
It’s why I’m annoyed about the retaliatory vote to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the important and necessary programming that it funds. You know, those lefty-subversives: Elmo and Big Bird. Seriously. Who doesn’t think Caillou is a smarmy little commie bastard? And Rosita on Sesame Street, anchor-baby! Oh, don’t get me started on Ernie and Bert. Oh. My. God. It is a bastion of liberalism. Maybe they are right. Hahaha – just kidding. They’re ridiculous!
I know another group that believes in the Nanny-State. Hint: it’s not liberals. But the only thing they seem to want to regulate is our bodies. Who we do, how we do, and where we do. It’s been said that they want to shrink the size of government so it fits in the bedroom; or a uterus. Guess what? Stay out of both. I don’t care what Bill and Jeff do as long as they both consent. Karen and Peggy too (you go girls)!
Abortion’s another thing. It’s legal you know. It has been for years. Keep it that way. You know the best thing about choice. You get to choose NO. Anytime you want. I’m done dicing up the abortion debate. Have one or don’t. It’s really that simple. Listen carefully: I don’t care if you get raped; have consensual, unprotected sex; or have a health-risk from a pregnancy abortion is a decision between a woman and whomever SHE brings into it. Be that her partner, her spouse, her doctor or her god. I don’t care what your views are. Don’t want one don’t have one. Easy. Peasey. Lemon. Squeezy.

Conservatives are on a mission to destroy everything they deem supportive of Democrats and the Democratic Party. UnionsP; making it more difficult to voteP; defunding educationP. It’s only going to get worse.

I have a word of caution for my left-handed friends – watch your backs, you may be next…