He’s leaving today…

I met him for the first time on a cold February day in 1996 and my life was forever changed.

We grew together. Weathered storms and celebrated victories. We fought and struggled. We laughed until we cried.

I taught him to walk and talk and read and think.

He taught me patience and respect and understanding.

I made him a man.

He made me a mom.

Imagine by Dylan Mulvey-Welsh

Imagine all your ideas becoming real,

Imagine your dreams becoming reality,

Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine a world where people didn’t achieve their imaginations,

If people didn’t chase their dreams.

If Da Vinci never painted the Mona Lisa

Or Steve Jobs never invented Apple,

Where would we be?

Where would we be?

Imagination keeps us moving,

It is the fuel that burns our fire,

It’s where people get their desire.

Imagination is key,

Because logic can take you from Point A to Point B,

But imagination can take you anywhere.

Granted by Dylan Mulvey-Welsh

I’ve gladly given over my blog to my very talented son… chime in and let us know what you think!

We all take things for granted,

This and that,

Our minds become slanted,

People not happy with what they have

And soon become disenchanted.

The latest version of this isn’t up to our standards,

So everyone begins ranting

And panting

Because we’d rather complain about our things than go outside.

No one anymore has cognition,

People are told what to do and believe it

And they follow the predisposition,

Even if it’s truth,

Or just a superstition.

If they say it’s true it must be,

It’s making people give redefinitions

People who have little really have the most,

Because they know,

They know what it feels like to only eat raw toast,

And people walk around with their items and boast,

And it’s gross.

Why are we like this?

Why do we do this?

Let’s not get something new and hiss

Or buy something and then be pissed,

Enjoy what we have because not everyone can,

So let us take someone’s hand,

And make a stand.