mourning mist

We laid you to rest
under steel gray skies
the sun refusing to shine

A mist
fine and damp
coated the
world and amplified
our mourning cries

Winds whipping
trees bent under
the onslaught
of harsh autumn winds

As if Nature herself
mourned you and
was determined in her grief
to punish the survivors

that had been left behind
in the world cold and barren
without your light
learn to live
in the darkness


I stand

In the burgeoning darkness of my sister’s yard; with

The phone pressed tight against my ear

My body coiled as I listen intently to the voice on the other end


They stand

               huddled around me

The glow of the phone illuminates my face

Daughter, sister, niece waiting anxiously

For the call to end


I reach

               behind me, seeking

With my free hand

Frantically seeking his solidity

To prop me up


I pause

               Gathering my courage close

I let them enjoy the final moment of living

In a world mom still inhabits


I choke

               On the words, slipping

From my mouth

As I shatter their world with my grief