Mr. Checkers


This past Sunday morning, I found him abandoned in the bottom of her travel bag. He had been there since Friday.

Mr. Checkers is an elephant, a stuffed yellow elephant with checkered ears – hence his name. He wears satin pajamas with multi-colored polka dots, and he was, once upon a time, Emma’s most cherished possession.
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Birds and bees and other things


“Boys are like street cars. Stand there for a few minutes and another one will be by in five minutes.” – Jim Mulvey (advice from my dad when I was 16.)

The Saturday before Christmas turned out to be one for the busiest days of the year for me. I spent the day wrapping presents, doing laundry and getting ready to head to my in-laws’ in Maryland for Christmas. My day started at 7:15 with a walk along the waterfront with my puppy, Felix, and ended sometime after midnight with a very wide-ranging conversation with my daughter about boys and relationships.

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