Deflate this

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a sports fan and I don’t have a horse in the big game but I hate – with a capital HATE – to see anyone scapegoated and maligned. Now I’m pissed because what I hate more than sports is TALKING about sports. So here is my one and (hopefully) only post on the NFL “investigation”:

On honesty and integrity in sports:

There has never been any honesty and integrity in sports – it’s a business and a big business at that. If you long for the early days of sport when men played for the “love” of the game you need to wake up. Men played for money, to support themselves and their families, that it was a game was a bonus. No one works for free.

Rules are rules:

Yup. So how about we remember what Jesus had to say about casting the first stone. Do you speed? I do. All the time. Guess the Mass State Police should launch an investigation and confiscate my cell phone and computers.

Do you lie on your timesheet? Admit it you took a few extra minutes on your lunch and didn’t dock yourself. Perhaps HR should hire an independent consultant to review video evidence of you dawdling at the microwave.

This is a murder investigation for a speeding ticket.

Pattern of behavior:

Shut up. Please, it was ONE incident. Again, Pats being scapegoated for something every other team was doing as well.

The “Investigation”:

I’m using the quotes intentionally as this “investigation” is designed to redeem the NFL and their bungling of the Rice and Petersen cases.

Balls not being properly inflated are like speeding – technically against the law but the “investigation” into this is a farce of the highest order.

The fact that Tom Brady will pay for this with his reputation is, to me, the bigger crime.

Anyone that gets as outraged about this as about teams that targeted and paid money for injuries to opposing players, needs to learn some perspective and not a single person – living or dead – should acknowledge your existence because, please; you’re ridiculous.