She looked like sin and smelled liked sand and poor decisions

The boys all flock whenever she comes around

Barely noticing in a careful controlling way, she let them fight to do her bidding

They never noticed her smile never reached her eyes
They probably couldn’t see that high

A sigh settles on her shoulders and she shrugs it off before running her hands through her long flaxen hair

Show time, she thinks, as she steps through the door

Exhausted from the charade of being

Hump day

Darkness envelopes the room as the autumn chill perfumes the air

Pulling the down-filled blanket closer I sigh and snuggle in not sure how much time has counted down on the mornings borrowed time

The ministrations of the others penetrate my cocoon as I slowly emerge

Not quite ready to face the day

Writing challenge: 15 minutes, 1 topic


White billowing clouds move lazily across the azure sky. Pushed by a gentle summer breeze. Shapes changing as they pass me by. I gave up trying to force a shape on them and focus instead on their amorphousness and finding the beauty that lives within each of them.

I wonder how it would feel to live in a cloud. I imagine it would be much like a boat. How wonderful it would be to recline lazily as it bobs and meanders across the sky.

Would I be able to see clouds above me? Would there be an infinity of me’s lounging lazily warmed by the sun and thinking thoughts of eternity.

15 minutes, 1 topic.


Bonus writing challenge

Wrapped in dusty memories I remember
mornings kissed with pale yellow streaks and heads mussed from bed.

Floors gritty with sand and jelly coated sticky hands. Sun kissed faces and beginnings of tans.

Boys becoming men and the laughter of girls, trailing. Flirting, shoulders bare. Tan legs flash under white cotton dresses. Tables turned and boys enchanted.

A promise made a vow exchanged. Possibilities expand. Love and hope intertwined, a family blooms. Precious and new, the story renews.

Different memories, different hopes all seeking the same contentment. Eyes dim with age, hands brittle from toil sit and watch a new generation emerge.

One topic, 30 minutes, publish results.


Is where the future lives. It’s the land of grandiose dreams and unwished wishes. A wonderland stretched before us, tomorrow is filled with promise.

I imagine if tomorrow had a smell it would be of fresh laundry, dried in the summer sun and infused with just a touch of fairy dust.

But tomorrow, much like fortune, is fickle.

It has a dark side. Not all dreams are fulfilled. Not all wishes granted. Not all tomorrow’s realized.

Some prefer to live in yesterday where there is no mystery, and courage is not required.

Yesterday and tomorrow, the past and the future, mingle in today. Presenting us with wisdom and hope.

We have to supply the courage.

Today’s bonus writing challenge topic is courtesy of Cynthia Moore.