crucible of hate

My heart is drenched in sorrow as humanity lives up to its potential of violence and ugliness. Nature —red in tooth and claw— has nothing on mans ability to inflict damage to those who don’t hew to a certain ideology. A narrow paradigm ripped from the rumblings of madmen who whisper of rewards and piety. A diety of warped philosophy that seeps between the barriers of those seeking meaning in lives filled with anxiety. Trying to find a foothold in a world stubborn and cold. Destroying beauty and peace and substituting in their place a crucible of hate.


quiet exodus 

…and this is how they leave you.

Familiar spaces littered with detritus deemed insufficient to their needs. They head off to their future. You turn off the lights and close the door. Preserving for a future return, their childhood. Pride and fear intermingle in your thoughts as you force a final hug and retreat. Leaving them on the doorstep of their dreams.

masquerade ball

I can’t feel my skin

Covered beneath the layers of my original sins

Encased in hard plastic I claw my way to the surface leaving scratches on my soul

I taste
metallic and sweet like cinnamon gum

i wish it tasted like
muddled and confused
a julep of insanity to cool the rantings of a lunatic mind

Rum and sugarcane and arcane dreams
of clovered fields and white picket fences; floppy eared dogs laying in shade cooled yards

Humming songs from long ago

Wondering how it all

Dusting off my mask of endurance
I slip it on and


I lay my head upon your chest
And our heartbeats sync
My mind quiets
As I slip into the comfort of our togetherness
You are the calm in the center of my storm
The anchor of my humanity

My sanity

Steeped in quiet
We coexist in a world of our creation

Partner parent lover mate

Love at times tinged with hate
Passion manifests as anger
A relationship that’s a work in progress; incomplete

Our messy chaotic masterpiece

Two melodies entwine to create our harmony
Words laced with laughter and sorrow whisper our eternity

Echoes of the future reverberate in me


I was born a warrior princess

Without a homeland, I wandered
for others out there just like me

Displaced in space and time
I spent lifetimes
On wine soaked shores
Yelling into the wind

Suffering modernity with a Druids heart
I yearn for a place to belong
No longer roaming the plains of my mind

Always working
to belong

My song a single lone scream into the darkness
Followed by eternal silence

summer’s haze

every now and then i smell a memory
bubble gum and summer sun
the feel of our hips touching
as we lay
side by side
in the warm grass
fingers entwined
sweat beading lightly along my spine
laughing and drinking and
doing so much more than thinking
our youth a shield to
real life worries
it seems so long ago
those sunny days
that passed into longing and sepia-tones
painted with nostalgia born of age
i long to sit in summer’s haze

tender lies

the pad of your thumb
and dry

it caresses my cheek
catches the edge
of my bottom lip 
softly you run the roughness
along its tenderness

I wait for your excuse

you lean in


a mixture of 

your kiss
the corner of my mouth
as I turn away 

I smell her in your hair
I hear her in your lies
I see her in your eyes

social media patriots

We all sit
In our individual trees
Social media glam monkees

Flinging thoughts across the galaxy
Never really caring if we are right or not
Contributing to the daily rot

The incivility of public life
Demanding respect but giving middle fingers back

Trump is the messiah 
We have wrought

May the founding fathers have mercy on America’s eternal soul 

Man made

A guy once told me that he couldn’t date me because I would become his obsession. I would consume him. His sense of self and worth. That I was too much druidess and not enough normal. That my mouth was temptation and he lacked willpower. Your eyes are liquid pools he said. I snorted in my beer as he ran his hand thru my aquanetted hair. He made it sound like his failings were my fault.

He made me believe it too.