My terrible, awful, not very good week

Well, that seems like a bit of hyperbole since no one died and no one was maimed. However, my ego took a pretty good kick in the teeth. And since I have a wee bit of the drama queen in me, I decided the best course of action was to pout and then to write an entirely self-satisfying-stuart-smalleyesque blog about my own awesomeness.

I could rail about how unfair it is that I’m no longer featured on Patch but then I think about those poor Patch readers who are not on my facebook or blog and will have no idea how to find me. That makes me sad.

For them.

So, if you see them, send them to the blog. For their own sake. You’ll be doing a tremendous public service. Honest.

Then of course there is the writing contest that I failed to win. I know, right?! Outrageous! Hasn’t Pam gone through enough? To heap this disappointment on her. Who knows how she’ll cope!

I didn’t expect to win. After all, I’ve never written fiction before. But that didn’t make me feel any better when I lost. I was mad and hurt. How dare they not love me! Everyone loves me (and Pam). Continue reading